As you may or may not already know, I’m a huge believer in owning your full name in .com, if you have the opportunity to do so. So much so that I put out this tweet a couple months ago:

Here are some of my reasons why:

  • No matter what your full name is there’s a good chance you’re not the only person in the world with that name, so either you’ll own your full name .com domain (i.e. or eventually another person with your name will. It might as well be you, not them.
  • Maybe you’ll want to start a personal blog someday. Or maybe you’ll get into real estate and want your name as your domain for your website (as many real estate agents do).
  • Maybe you’ll eventually want to start a personal brand.
  • You’ll own your identity on the web, instead of someone else.
  • It’s just a good thing to keep on the shelf for possible future use.
  • If your full name is still available for hand registration it’s very cheap to buy and renew yearly. How cheap? Like $10/year cheap. That’s less than a dollar a month, folks.

If your domain is still available to hand register:

Like I touched on above, eventually it won’t be…

Don’t trick yourself into thinking there’s no rush and that you can wait to buy it. For all you know, someone else that shares the same full name as you could be planning on punching in their credit card in 30 minutes from now or tomorrow and buying it forever.

Take action now and pay the $10 bucks before it’s too late (or pay for multiple years of registration in advance).

You don’t want to be the guy or gal that didn’t realize the chance they had until it was gone…

As I may have touched on in my first blog post, I missed out on getting (another Josh Schoen registered it in 2009), but I was very lucky that was still available when I first checked for it in 2016.

Not everybody will be this lucky, and they may not even have two possible versions that would work (i.e. Josh and Joshua).

I know a girl from high school that really wants her full name in .com but is unable to get it because it’s owned by someone who’s kid shares the same name as her.

Unless that domain name somehow manages to expire and ends up dropping, she’s sh!t out of luck as far as ever getting it.

She’s actually a real estate agent and she would love to use the domain for her personal real estate website, but she can’t and probably never will be able to.

This domain was first registered in 2005 and I bet she wishes she could go back in time and snag it before this dad did.

Long story short, you don’t want to end up like the girl from my high school who wishes she could have her domain name but can’t, probably ever.

Trust me, you want to be the person that scooped it up before it was too late.

For some of you, probably even the majority of you, you don’t have a chance to be the person in the sentence directly above because your domain is already taken.

But, if your name is still available, register the damn thing, for crying out loud! Don’t overthink it, just go to GoDaddy or your domain registrar of choice, pull out your credit card, and do it.

To finish, I’ll promise you this:

You WON’T regret spending a tiny $10/year to own your domain (I’m pretty sure everyone who’s ever going to read this post can afford it), but you absolutely WILL regret if you once had the chance to buy it but didn’t and now you want to use it but can’t.