Every so often I’m going to post about what domain names I’ve recently bought and sold. Hope you all enjoy!

Let’s dive in, starting with some sales…

Recent Sales:


This name I won in an expired auction at NameJet just over two years ago. I liked it because Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a very wealthy place with a booming real estate market. The average home price is well over $1 million dollars. While I typically like (city)(realestate).com names more, I thought this (city)(realty).com was still a nice name. JacksonHoleRealEstate.com sold for $85,000 in 2015 so I figured if I could resell JacksonHoleRealty.com for even a small fraction of that price I’d be doing well. In my opinion, whenever you can get a real estate or realty name for either a big city or a city/town with a lot of money and expensive homes you have a decent chance of doing well with it, depending on what you bought it for of course.

Purchase price: $135 (October 2016)

Sale price: $7,000 (November 2018)

Proof of sale:


I won this name in an expired auction at NameJet three months ago. I’ve always been a sucker for pure geo domains even though I know they can be tough to sell and can take a lot of work to develop. I liked this name because West Seattle is Seattle’s largest neighborhood. I’ve never actually been to West Seattle but from what I’ve read it’s almost like it’s own city as it’s kind of isolated from the rest of Seattle. Also, it definitely looks like a beautiful place. I also liked it because the West Seattle real estate market seems to be thriving and the average home price is up around $600k. If a city/region has a good, healthy real estate market with plenty of real estate companies, brokers, and agents I think the matching .com would be a nice competitive advantage for one of them. All in all, when I added up all these factors I really liked the domain name.

Purchase Price: $1,310 (August 2018)

Sale Price: $5,000 (November 2018)

Proof of sale:

Did I sell it too cheap? Perhaps. But it was only a 3-month hold, so I’m taking my profits and moving on.

Side note: I have another sale in escrow right now but I’ll wait to talk about it until it’s fully completed.

Alright, let’s get into some buys…

Recent Acquisitions:


I was super pumped to acquire this name. The dahlia is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and it’s also a first name for girls. It took quite a bit of work to acquire this name but I finally go it done. Basically what happened was a fashion brand, based in the UK, named Dahlia went out of business and I swooped in at just the right time and bought the domain name from them. It took four emails before I finally got a response from the owner, but once I got a response we hatched out a deal and the rest is history. Lessons here: 1) timing is very important and, 2) be persistent.


Another name I was super pumped to acquire. It’s the second pure animal .com I’ve been able to add to my portfolio (Ocelot.com was the first). I purchased it from a company that up until a couple years ago had an active product line called Mockingbird. Because they agreed to sell this domain name to me I think it’s apparent that they no longer had a need for it. This one also took a lot of time and effort to acquire, but I’m very happy I got it done.


I think everyone knows I love great .io domains…

Pro tip: when you’re thinking about buying a one-word .io and the matching .com, .net, .org, and .co are all being used by different companies you know it’s a great one to buy. Why? Because it shows that the word is popular, makes a great brand, and because there aren’t really any other good options left for a company wanting to name themselves that word. Supply and demand my friends…


I just got this name into my account a couple days ago after winning it in an expired auction a couple weeks ago. I really like this brand name. It kind of has a dark, mysterious, dangerous feel to it and I think it can be used by many different types of companies or brands.

Well, I hope you guys liked this post. If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with another post soon!