Piggybacking on yesterdays post about full name .com’s…

I did a search on GoDaddy and realized my best friend from college’s name was still available to register.

Since he just recently had a birthday I thought it’d be cool to get him a belated intangible bday gift.

So what did I do?

I bought him five years of registration of his (firstname)(lastname).com.

I thought this would be a pretty cool gift, and it’d ensure that nobody else would take it first.

Anyway, I texted my buddy and told him what I got him and he thought it was pretty awesome. He thanked me.

Oh, and I told him that after five years it’s on him to pay the $10 annual renewal fee if he wants to keep it 🙂

Hopefully, he’ll choose to do so…

So there we go, there’s one friend that now won’t miss out on getting his full name in .com.

We’ll see if he ever chooses to use it, but for now I just forwarded it to his Facebook page for him.

His domain will be there for him should he want to do something more with it down the road.

He’s happy about that, and I am too!